NA LCS – Week 1 Day 1

Day 1 of NA LCS

By: Charles Sears


It’s the start of the 2018 NA LCS Spring Split and this means the start of Daily Fantasy for eSports on DraftKings. At the beginning of the season, the pricing is pretty tight because every roster is different from the last season. We don’t know what teams will play well together and what teams will be at the bottom of the standings. Here are the odds for each match:


Team Liquid(TL) 1/1 vs Team Solo Mid(TSM) 8/11

100 Thieves(100T) 4/7 vs Optic Gaming(OPT) 5/4

Clutch Gaming(CG) 2/5 vs Golden Guardians(GGS) 7/4

Echo Fox(FOX) 4/7 vs Flyquest(FLY) 5/4

Counter Logic Gaming(CLG) 2/3 vs Cloud9(C9) 11/10


First thing that jumps out to me is Clutch Gaming being the biggest favorites of the day. Which normally means I will most likely stay away from these players because the match is so one sided, the players won’t get a ton of points. The other thing that jumps out to me is Cloud 9 being an underdog. This means these players will be cheaper than they should be. Now it’s time for my picks.



Ssumday(100T) vs OPT – $6,700

    Last season, Ssumday was the bright light on Team Dignitas. His kill participation was 69.6% during summer season. You are looking for high kill participation from players because they are making plays or the kills are being funneled to the player. Ssumday has 119 kills to 277 assist, which means he was a playmaker and involved in a decent amount of fights.


Huni(FOX) vs FLY – $6,600

    Huni was a beast two years ago on Immortals and it seemed other top laners were afraid to play against him. Last year, he went to Korea to play for SKT and lose in the final of the world championships. He is a big time player and hoping that his time in Korea made him a better player.



Xmithie(TL) vs TSM – $5,800

    Xmithie is a shot caller, playmaker and a great team player. He is the pinnacle of the kills on his team and can push the action to force kills. He is involved with getting first blood 56% of the time. This good of a player being the 6th highest priced jungler is a complete bargain and I will see him in my lineups.


Akaadian(OPT) vs 100T – $5,500

    This guy impressed us last year with his play making skills. Problem was that he played for Echo Fox and they were not good. Now he is on OpTic Gaming and this looks like a good spot being 9th costed jungler. He has the potential to carry games and to be involved with kills.



Jensen(C9) vs CLG – $6,800

    You will find a pattern with my articles if Jensen is the 7th highest priced mid laner on the slate, I will play him. This is where we take advantage of team rankings on pricing instead of player rankings. I think Jensen is easily a top 3 mid laner and has the highest kill participation playing a full season at 78.2%. Most of the time, he is the highest point producing mid laner which means he will be the highest point per dollar most of the time.


Bjergsen(TSM) vs TL – $7,100

    Bjergsen is the another top 3 Mid laner I will roster on Saturday. Being at 5th most expensive at his position, you won’t see much hesitation with me rostering him. TSM with new Junlger, Bot and Support, they might not be the macro team this year and be involved in more fights. He had the 2nd highest kill participation last season at 78.1%. Another top mid laner at a discount.



Sneaky(C9) vs CLG – $6,900

    This going off the Jensen theory, if one of the top ADCs for last year will be 7th expensive ADC, I will roster him. Sneaky has the 3rd highest kill participation at 69.7% and 2nd highest KDA at 5.0, and he is SEVENTH?! He has the same support with him, Smoothie, as last year and their jungler is an upgrade from last year. Should be the best dollar per point in the ADC role.


Altec(FOX) vs FLY – $7,500

    Altec’s price tag suites him and he produces a ton of points. Kill participation at 73.8% last year, he is involved in fights and it’s the 2nd highest from last year. He is very skillful and with most teams with changes to their roster, the skill will shine through in the first day. It helps that Echo Fox is a favorite in the match.



Smoothie(C9) vs CLG – $4,900

    I tend to pair Supports and ADC roles on the same team because they start in the same lane together and will give additional points for kills. Smoothie was tied with kill participation for supports at 77.3%. He also had the highest KDA from last year at 5.1. Works well with not only Sneaky but the entire team.


Adrain(FOX) vs FLY – $5,500

    Going off pairing ADC and Support roles on lineups, I have Altec’s support, Adrian. I picked Adrian because off of pure skill. Just happens that he plays on Echo Fox with Altec. He is the other Support player that has the highest kill participation last year. Also has the highest average gold difference at 10 minutes at 144. He is involved in team play and roaming to help out mid lane.



Clutch Gaming vs Golden Guardians – $5,400

    This is a bit pricey for a team. With them being the biggest favorite on the slate, the match should be two games, earning them bonus points for sweeping.

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