Fishing on a Bankroll – Week 3 Results

Fishing on a Bankroll – Week 3 Results

Charles Sears


It only took me 3 weeks into the season to have a winning week. My profit for week 3 was $2.90. I am straight rolling in the pennies.  I am very comfortable with my decision to play GPP on DraftKings and cash on FanDuel. I only had one mistake this week in my lineups and in my mind, it was a big one. Let’s jump into what happened in week 3.

On DraftKings, I ended up producing 34 lineups at $1 for each lineup. The reason the number is 34 is because the max entries for each tournament(20, 10, 3,1). I ended up losing $1.50 while risking $34 with 12 lineups winning money. My best lineup scored 161.52 and winning $5 in the 3 max entry tournament. My strategy was to find a stack that I like and put at least 50% of my lineups with that stack. I ended up going with Rodgers/Ty Mont/WR, rotating around Nelson, Adams and Allison/AJ Green. I loved pairing AJ Green with Allison because those two took up 11.1k of my cap and I am spending 5.55k on each.

Fanduel is where I made money with a bad-ish lineup. My lineup scored 105.9 points which is low but I ended up making $4.40. My win rate was pretty good for for a lineup that that scored so low. Here are my win rates: 50% in Heads-up, 75% in 3-person, 75% in 5-person and 33.33% in 10-person. With these good win rates, I should be up $11.40 but I played in 6 100-person and a 20-person tournament which I won’t be doing anymore. Those tournaments are like GPPs and a normal cash game lineup won’t make money there over time.

There are a few small mistakes and one huge mistake.  The huge mistake was playing Crabtree in cash with a terrible matchup. We saw in week 1, Josh Norman will shut down who ever he is covering. This should’ve been an easy fade. One of the small mistakes was on DraftKings with the Tight End position. I was in love with Charles Clay at the price of 3.4k. My beloved Broncos are weak in the middle of the field and Tight Ends is the weakness. I decided to spread the love at Tight End and go with some chalk with Doyle and Ebron. Ebron dropped a touchdown pass and Doyle was overlooked by his quarterback. Made me want to throw up a bit because I ended up with a few hundred left over, pivoted my tight end from Clay to Doyle.

Even though I made some mistakes, still a good week by getting lucky in cash. Below I will have my cash and best GPP lineup. Let’s keep the ball rolling and improving every week. I believe in myself and like the direction I am heading. Good Luck and let’s make this money.

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