Fishing on a Bankroll – Week 2 Results

Fishing on a Bankroll – Week 2 Results

Charles Sears


Week 2 got me excited to play DFS and for this bankroll challenge. I am changing some rules to my bankroll challenge. I am not playing GPPs on Fanduel and playing more cash games. My DraftKings plays will change to all GPP lineups. These rule changes come from what I witnessed from a few mistakes I made.

The first change to playing all cash games on FanDuel comes from waiting on making lineups and the GPP tournaments filling up. I ended up playing 19 head-up, 2 3-person, 2 5-person, and 1 10-person tournament. I won 9 heads-up and a 5-person which netted me a loss of $3.30. The lineup scored 119.16 points. I lost 2 heads-up by less than a point and bubbled the money in all the multiplayer tournaments.  I would be rolling in the $1 bills if Jordy didn’t get hurt or I pivoted to Davante Adams. A huge improvement from the previous week’s lineup scoring a whopping 73.18 points. The lineup is at the bottom of this article.

The next change comes from the Flex position on DraftKings. I hear from experts that a cash game lineup should hit around 150 points. I didn’t come close to that score with a 108.34. Studying my lineups from the past two weeks, I have noticed that the flex position has been my weakest spot in my lineup.  It feels like this gives me a disadvantage in cash games. I am more comfortable with picking flex position in GPP tournaments. I only had 3 out of 20 lineups that cashed for $6.50, netting me a loss of $13.50.

The changes in the rules seems like a smart move. I noticed that all the non-GPP tournaments on FanDuel had more inexperienced players than experienced players. Softer fields gives me a better chance at winning.   Moving all my GPP plays to DraftKings seems better because I don’t have to worry about different pricing between the two sites.

I am looking forward to Sunday’s games and coming back with more wins. I’m feeling good, my mindset is positive, and I’m playing well. Good luck and let’s make this money.

FanDuel Cash Lineup:


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